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Gone With The Wind

Posted by martinteller on October 23, 2003

I’ve finally seen it. Not sure how I managed to avoid it for so long. On the one hand, it’s epic human drama with compelling characters and marvelous performances. The four hours swept past in no time. But… I cannot forgive the disgusting racism. I cannot forgive the romanticizing of the Old South, the glorification of the Confederacy, the cartoon caricatures, the suggestion that slavery was not that bad. I cannot forgive a film which presents a cotton plantation as a symbol of hope and glory. Call me P.C. or whatever. I can’t look past it. It sickens me.  And another thing: from the moment she was born, you knew that kid was gonna die sooner or later.  Rating: 4

Addendum 7/5/12: This seems like pretty harsh judgment for what is, in hindsight, rather mild racism.  I’d probably give this a 6 now.

2 Responses to “Gone With The Wind”

  1. Precious said

    Although I understand your problems with the film, I also feel that your site is focused on film- not politics. Virtyally all films from the fast can be viewed as offensive on some level- women’s rights- gay rights-Jewish rights etc. A good example would be Leni Reifenstahl’s films. Looked at as political mouthpieces yes they are offensive- but as film- they are enthralling. If you view a film that has a prostitute as a character do you not see anything but an expolited woman?
    Films about the French revolution present the population as brave revolutionaries but really is that what they were like? How did they get their education? I think probably that the majority of the’Mob’ were barely -if at all- literate, and they were led to unspeakable acts out of reentment. Would you be unable to view a film that showed Marie Antoinette & Louis XVi or Czar Nicholas & Alexandria sympathetically or with a degree of compassion?

    On a different note I am enjoying your site!

    • My site is focused on film rather than politics, but it’s also a personal take on film. Sometimes the political values of a film offend me, and sometimes they don’t. I guess in this case what makes it offensive is the nagging feeling that someone should have known better. The movie is so earnest about its romance but seems oblivious to the bigger picture.

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