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I Was Born, But…

Posted by martinteller on February 21, 2004

The first Ozu movie I ever saw was Good Morning, and I didn’t like it much.  I Was Born, But… is very similar (in fact, Good Morning is sometimes referred to as a remake of it) but a bit better.  Still… way, way overrated.  Okay, let me back up.  Because I hate “overrated”.  All that means is I didn’t like it as much as everyone else seems to.  I did think there were some nice shots and some funny parts, and I thought it was a surprisingly (and pleasantly) humanistic film for its time, but I guess I have a problem in general with movies about small children, excepting the occasional 400 Blows.  I don’t find kids especially interesting or amusing.  I was more interested in the adults, and hence I much preferred the last 20 minutes of the movie to the preceding hour.  Rating: 6


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