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In the Realm of the Senses

Posted by martinteller on April 27, 2004

Is it art, or is it porn?  Well, I say it’s both, and it’s not good at either one.  This story could have been told with a LOT less sex, and without the graphic detail.  Out of curiosity, I checked out the three people who voted for this in the Sight & Sound poll.  The two critics both had lists that were a reasonable mix of stuff I like and dislike.  The director who voted for it (Catherine Breillat), however, had a lot of “controversial” picks (Lancelot du Lac, Salo, a Kiarostami, Lost Highway) and is probably trying to impress people.  I’ve never heard of her or any of her films, so maybe it’s the only way she can get any attention.  Rating: 3

addendum 6/26/12: Uh, I now know who Breillat is.  And that whole part of the review is idiotic anyway.  Jeez, these old posts are humiliating.

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