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short films by Maya Deren / Private Life of a Cat

Posted by martinteller on April 29, 2004

I had heard that Stan Brakhage admired Deren’s work, so I was anxious to check it out.  Stupid, pretentious, poorly executed crap.  Way too dramatic and self-important in that Sylvia Plath/Tori Amos kind of way (I could say in that Kate Bush kind of way, but let’s not piss off my wife).  However, hidden in the bonus features section of the DVD was an absolutely charming short by Deren’s husband, Alexander Hammid.  Sure, it lacks the dramatic heft of, say, a bunch of fruity dancers floating against an excruciatingly fake background of stars, but it’s cute as hell.  It also has much better edits than Deren’s stuff.  Kittens acting cute = good times.  Rating: 2 (Deren’s work) / 10 (Private Life of a Cat)

Maya Deren / Private Life of a Cat
addendum 6/26/12: I really should give Deren another chance.

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