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Midnight Run (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 8, 2004

Of all the action/comedies made in the 80’s (and yes, there were plenty), this is among the best, if not the number one best.  Barely a second of film is wasted, with more twists and turns and fun scenes packed into it than any three other similar movies.  Besides two terrific leads who play off each other beautifully, there’s a great cast of supporting characters (Philip Baker Hall!  Yaphet Kotto!  Joey Pants!  Dennis Farina!).  Even the hokey parts are good, though the freight train scene pushes the corn-o-meter into the red a little bit.  The film snob in me tried to find a way to deduct a point or two, but no dice.  If there were a French film instead of a Hollywood production with big name actors, it would probably be considered a masterpiece. Rating: 10

Interestingly, the director and writer both went on to have lousy careers.  Martin Brest (who, for some reason, cranks out films slower than Kubrick) wrote, produced and directed the mega-bomb Gigli, and George Gallo’s latest screenplay is The Whole Ten Yards.  Yuck!  Brest also did Scent of a Woman, a movie I loathe.


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