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The Thing from Another World

Posted by martinteller on May 23, 2004

This is absolutely mediocre sci-fi with nothing at all to distinguish it from dozens of other similar films. Hawks’s trademark snappy patter fails miserably here, with not one gag eliciting even a chuckle, and the actors quite noticeably pausing midstream to allow someone else to interject “spontaneously” with a limp witticism. The scientific basis for the story is as threadbare as it gets, and the sets and effects are as cheap as they come. The moral of the story seems to be threefold: 1) if you don’t know what it is, shoot it; 2) scientists are stupid and weak; 3) women in the workplace are okay, but they really should settle down and get married after they’ve got it out of their system.  Not satisfying on any level.  Rating: 2

addendum 6/26/12: probably not as bad as I made it out to be

2 Responses to “The Thing from Another World”

  1. I didn’t think much of it. I wrote a review I might post at some point.

    • Still, a score of 2 (i.e., in the 20’s on the scale I use now) feels unreasonably harsh. I was a more kneejerk reviewer back then. I’m guessing it’d be more in the 40-55 range if I were to rewatch it today. Not that I’m in any rush to do so.

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