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The Age of Innocence

Posted by martinteller on June 9, 2004

This movie had several barriers to overcome for me. I’m not into costume dramas of that period, I dislike narration in films, and I think the two lead actresses are not very good (what is it with Scorsese casting sub-par flavor-of-the-month bimbos ever since GoodFellas?). On top of that, I wasn’t really in the mood to watch a movie last night, but I kind of forced myself to (bad idea, I know).  Despite all this, I found myself getting sucked into it. It was fascinating to watch the shifts these characters make: one slowly breaks away from societal rules and another slowly gets reined in by them. Scorsese shows a talent for handling romance that I hadn’t thought him capable of. And some shots were quite remarkable (using candles as framing during the dinner scenes, for example).  Besides the narration, the thing that really bugged me was the way the production design was constantly being shoved in your face. Yes yes, good job, everyone. You picked out some really nice, authentic stuff. Can we deal with the characters and not the candelabras please?  Rating: 7


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