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Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild’s Revenge

Posted by martinteller on June 21, 2004

Things go a bit south here.  The sets and photography are still amazing as all get-out… the influence on Ran is noticeable.  But, jeez… it’s obvious now why Hitler loved this movie.  Nationalist to the point of discomfort, Lang presents the Germans as unfailingly noble gods (and the Huns as filthy and savage), and yet they shelter a man who is a total scumbag.  To my eyes, justice is clearly on the side of Kriemhild.  Granted, she’s too bloodthirsty in her vengeance and certainly a bit psychotic as well, but she’s in the right.  If they would just give up Hagen (who notably doesn’t offer to give himself up until a whole shitload of blood has been shed on his behalf), everything would be cool.  But they stand by him out of loyalty — despite the fact that it was their lack of loyalty to Siegfried that got them into this mess in the first place.  For the mixed messages and the not-very-shielded racism, this one loses a few points.  Rating: 7 


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