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From the Life of Marionettes

Posted by martinteller on November 26, 2004

It’s very strange to hear “modern” music in a Bergman film, particularly such bland rock and disco.  Also, I don’t care for dream sequences.  I like things that are dreamlike, but I find hearing/seeing other people’s dreams to be rather pointless, and in a movie I think it’s kind of a cheap way to add depth.  Furthermore, none of Bergman’s regular actors are here and the cast is not nearly as good as I’m used to in his work.  Oh, I guess they were okay, it’s just distancing not to see any of the familiar faces.  

I thought the movie was good, but didn’t seem to add much to the Bergman canon.  The interplay between husband and wife was very intriguing but the rest of it was dull.  I’m keeping this one only for completism’s sake.  Rating: 6


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