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Pather Panchali (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on March 12, 2005

The first time I wrote about this movie, it was pathetically brief, and this film deserves so much better.  Poetic, beautiful, a perfect creation.  I don’t know of a finer debut for a director, and that includes Citizen Kane.  Welles’s movie may be more influential, but I’ll take Ray’s over it any day of the week  The photography is exquisite, magical, and utterly transports you into the world of the story.  Ravi Shankar’s score is sublime, one of the finest I’ve ever heard.  The performances are, bar none, pitch-perfect… including some of the best child actors you’ll ever witness.  The story is authentic and moving, displaying a deep understanding of humanity as it touches on poverty and dignity, small pleasures and great losses, and most of all, family.  Rating: 10


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