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Escape From Sobibor

Posted by martinteller on April 1, 2005

Mixed feelings.  It is refreshing to see a Holocaust movie that shows the prisoners fighting back.  Escape would have been extremely difficult, but in this case they gathered the courage, developed a plan, and did it.  Still, the idea of any “silver lining” on the Holocaust, no matter how minor, is unsettling.  I should be glad that people escaped and survived, and even found love in the camps, but I fear that someone watching this might think “See, the Holocaust wasn’t as bad as they say”.

The film itself is pretty good for a TV movie with decent performances, sometimes a little over the top but nothing as hammy as Liam Neeson’s final speech in Schindler’s List.  Nitpicky thing: the narrator at the beginning and the end sounded like the kind of voice that would do commercials.  Rating: 7


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