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Fat Girl

Posted by martinteller on May 6, 2005

I was wary of this for a couple of reasons.  First, the reviews were lukewarm.  Second, I hated a number of Catherine Breillat’s picks in the Sight & Sound poll (Salo, In the Realm of the Senses, Lancelot du Lac).  I’m not even sure why I rented it.  But I’m glad I did, it was quite good.  The dialogue was very genuine, and I liked the dynamic between the sisters.  At the forefront, of course, are the sexual issues.  There are three levels of sexual predation going on here… the obvious one (which I won’t give away here), the seductive sweet talker, and on a metaphorical level, the hulking trucks on the freeway, terrorizing the mother in a way that, given the context, can easily be interpreted as menacing in a sexual manner.  The ending is abrupt, shocking, and perhaps irresponsibly incomplete.  On the other hand, maybe Breillat should be commended for letting her audience determine Anais’s future for themselves.  Rating: 8


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