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It’s A Wonderful Life (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 10, 2005

Doggone it, I’m just a sucker for this movie.  The ending is so intensely heartwarming that it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.  There’s plenty to nitpick over… that tear-jerker ending is rather unbelievable, and Mary’s “George-less” fate is ridiculous.  Without George, she’s a frumpy unwed librarian?  What about Sam Wainwright?  She’d have married him and been rich.  And besides, what’s so awful about being a librarian?  And how is it that without George, she suddenly needs glasses?  And the story could really use some kind of nasty comeuppance for Potter, although I guess there’s no place to put it.  And let’s face it, the whole movie is corny and it’s got that regrettable Christian angle to it.  Despite all this, I still enjoy watching it from start to finish.  Rating: 9


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