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All These Women

Posted by martinteller on May 28, 2005

After my 32nd Hitch comes my 27th Ingmar.  Sandwiched in between the bleak, impenetrable dramas The Silence and Persona is… a wacky comedy.  Knowing looks at the camera, jokey title cards (“Do not take the fireworks symbolically”), sped up action, zany ragtime music (a Woody Allen trademark).  Part sex slapstick, part vicious satire of critics, and part comment on Bergman’s own attitudes towards women (at this time he was on his fourth wife) and his art.  Occasionally amusing, nice photography (Bergman’s first color film) and has some interesting experimental touches, but mostly it’s horribly awkward, broad and sometimes even obnoxious.  Contains little of the charm present in Smiles of a Summer Night.  It’s a small comfort to know that Ingmar also hates the film.  Rating: 3


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