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more selected experimental shorts

Posted by martinteller on August 13, 2005

The following are all from the 2nd disc of the Experimental Cinema of the 1920’s and 30’s DVD set.  Sorry these comments aren’t very deep, I just can’t find much to say.

Überfall – An engaging and dark story, but not really all that avant-garde except for one sequence.  Rating: 7

La Glace à Trois Faces – Again, this wasn’t as weird as I would expect from a collection of experimental cinema.  Maybe my definition of avant-garde is too narrow or something.  Rating: 6

Le Tempestaire – Some poor acting, and the shots of the tempest go on far too long, but it’s pretty neat as a short, simple tale.  Rating: 7

Romance Sentimentale – I’m getting too tired to watch these.  This one sports some original and interesting editing techniques, but it’s also kinda dull.  Rating: 6

Autumn Fire – Another one that’s nice in its own way, but doesn’t grab me very much.  Disc 2 of this DVD set is turning out to be a lot more boring than disc 1.  Rating: 6

Manhattan – Yawn.  This might as well just be a series of postcards.  Rating: 5

La Coquille et le Clergyman – Now this is more like it!  Exactly the kind of surrealism I was hoping for.  Strange and confusing and very amusing.  I’d definitely watch this one again.  Rating: 9

Regen – I really liked this one too.  No narrative here at all, just a beautiful, painterly depiction of rain.  Very nice.  Rating: 9

H2O – A little bit redundant after Regen, but it’s more abstract.  Rating: 8

Even: As You and I – This is a cute little satire of Un Chien Andalou and the like.  Even though the film-within-a-film is meant to be a mockery, I kind of liked it as a piece of genuine surrealism.  Rating: 8

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