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The Terminal

Posted by martinteller on August 20, 2005

Stupid, but somehow watchable.  I think the movie was entirely funded by endorsements, with its unstoppable barrage of product placement.  Border’s, Sbarro, Burger King, Payless Shoes, Pepsi, Starbucks… is there anyone Spielberg WON’T whore himself for?  Tom Hanks lays on the Balki Bartokomous act way too thick, and the in-your-face multiculturalness of his little airport clique was groan-inducing.  Stanley Tucci, as Dixon the airport security guy, was so absurdly evil, I’m surprised he wasn’t given a handlebar moustache to twirl, or maybe a nice subtle swastika on the forehead.  The movie is interesting when it stays focused on the resourcefulness of its main character… unfortunately it quickly abandons that angle to stray into far more heartstring-pulling territory.  Rating: 4


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