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The Aristocrats

Posted by martinteller on September 4, 2005

I was worried that it would get boring hearing the same joke over and over again, but the truth is I would have preferred more of that.  Only once or twice is the joke told from beginning to end.  The rest of the time we only get snippets, which is indicative of the annoying editing style that’s problematic throughout the movie.  The shitty video quality is forgivable for this kind of movie, but the mindless, unnecessary cross-cutting is not.  Just because you have two cameras handy doesn’t mean you need to have to keep switching between them.  

There were funny bits (Wendy Liebman and Sarah Silverman in particular) and I did appreciate that the movie wasn’t entirely just re-tellings of the joke, but I think this will be more enjoyable on DVD, where they will hopefully have some unedited footage.  Rating: 6


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