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Devi (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on September 10, 2005

I wanted to see this again because the first time I saw it, I hardly wrote anything about it, and since then I’d forgotten entirely what the movie is like.  A young woman finds herself worshipped by her father-in-law as the incarnation of Kali.  Her modern husband is appalled, but she goes along with the charade — perhaps out of respect to the elder man, perhaps because she believes it could be true, and perhaps because she likes the attention.  This is religious fanaticism handled in a way that Westerners could never do… in America, it would probably be a broad comedy, along the lines of Dogma and the like.  In Devi it’s done much more gently, with sensitivity and beauty.  The musical score is again outstanding, and I find it interesting the way Ray sometimes lets it overwhelm the soundtrack — a move that I would probably criticize in other films, but seems appropriate here.  Rating: 9


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