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Mon Oncle

Posted by martinteller on December 17, 2005

Here we have Hulot interacting with the Arpels: his social climbing sister, her stuffy factory director husband, and their son, just a regular kid.  The Arpels reside in an appalling modernized house, contrasted with the pleasant, friendly old world feel of Hulot’s neighborhood.  The film delivers some wonderful gags that utilize the absurdity of modernity.  The “eyes” of the Arpels’ windows is a clever little bit, as is the school looking exactly like the factory (while looks exactly like the nightclub).  And the way the mother switches on or off her horrid fish fountain (depending on the status of the visitor) is absolutely hilarious.  Shades of À Nous la Liberté (and Modern Times) but Tati’s spin on it is fresh and amusing.  On the downside, this one lacks much of the gentle charm of Holiday, and a few scenes are draggy.  Rating: 8


And another DVD bonus: L’École des Facteurs (School for Postmen), a Tati short film.  A fairly typical piece of slapstick, but nothing special.  Rating: 6

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