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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Posted by martinteller on February 3, 2006

No relation at all to the Hitchcock film of the same name.  Why would you use the same title as a film by one of the world’s most renowned directors, especially when it’s such a distinctive title?  I know it’s not a very popular Hitchcock movie, but come on.  It’s like calling your movie The Magnificent Ambersons or something.

I got this hoping for some no-brainer entertainment, and surprisingly, it delivered.  Very well-paced, none of the acts feel dragged out, and the double/triple-cross twist I was dreading never came.  Also liked the Blues Brothers homage… although I listened to all THREE commentaries during that part and no one acknowledged it, so maybe it’s more theft than homage.  It could have been a lot better with more skilled actors, however.  The husband-and-wife witty banter is done far too deadpan and ends up feeling forced, and Jolie has all the personality of a dead fish.  Pitt’s usually okay, but here his performance falls flat.  Rating: 7


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