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The Wild Blue Yonder

Posted by martinteller on February 19, 2006

Herzog takes some Antarctic under-the-ice footage, some stuff from a space shuttle voyage, a few other random little bits, and slaps it all together with actor Brad Dourif telling a story of aliens and voyages to and from the Andromeda galaxy.  The results are mighty boring.  Slow, hypnotic sequences are nothing new to sci-fi, just look at 2001 or Solaris.  The underwater scenes here, although they start to try your patience, are beautiful… however, the space shuttle clips are absolutely pointless and dull.  It’s a real chore to get through the first half of the movie and get to the underwater stuff, which in itself would probably be more interesting from a documentary viewpoint rather than within the confines of Dourif’s hokey narrative.  There’s an ecological message underpinning the whole thing that doesn’t really move me either.

I wanted Herzog to start making fictional films again, but if this is what we’re going to get, I’d rather he stick with the documentaries.  The last ten minutes hint at greatness, but the rest is blah.  Rating: 5


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