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A Brighter Summer Day

Posted by martinteller on March 1, 2006

Really good for the final hour, but getting there is no picnic.  I can see no reason for this movie to be four hours long.  There’s a lot of dead spots, and even some of the parts where things are happening are boring and unnecessary.  Part of the problem is that there’s way too many characters here, so you need the extra time just to figure out who’s who (made more difficult because they all dress kind of the same, and much of the action takes place in darkness), who knows who, who’s dating who, and who is in which gang.  I’d probably like it more on a repeat viewing, knowing what the heck is going on, but I’m not especially inclined to watch it again.  The last hour is very good, though.  The character arcs are intriguing, as are the parallels between the adolescent world and the adult world.  Rating: 6


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