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Posted by martinteller on March 10, 2006

I suspect that this film will grow on me with future viewings.  For the moment I don’t like it quite as much as the earlier A Man Escaped, which it resembles in many ways: much of the action takes place in a small barren room, the attention to methodical detail, the internal monologue.  The Dostoyevsky influence is apparent (although according to the commentary track, Bresson had denied it).  I feel like this is a movie I could watch many more times, but I’m not sure yet if I want to.  Maybe I’m starting to get bored with Bresson, but I feel like I’d enjoy watching Man Escaped or Une Femme Douce again, so maybe not.  Maybe I’m just being reactionary against all the praise heaped on this one.  Man, sometimes it’s hard for me just to have an opinion.  Rating: 8


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