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Mon Trésor (Or)

Posted by martinteller on April 18, 2006

Another milestone, my first Israeli film.  Dana Ivgy is wonderful as Or, a teenager trying to help her mother get out of the prostitution business.  The acting is extremely naturalistic, much like a Cassavetes film.  The camera never moves, and the only cuts are to move to a new location (I only counted one exception, right at the end).  It leaves the viewer feeling very voyeuristic, like a piece of furniture in the room.  It’s a story that you really want to keep watching and watching as you become more and more invested in the characters.  It does get kinda heavy and moralizing towards the end, coming a little too close to Requiem for a Dream territory for my tastes.  It was a bit forced, didn’t quite seem like a natural progression of events.  But the rest of it was excellent.  Rating: 8


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