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Days of Heaven

Posted by martinteller on May 22, 2006

Absolutely beautiful and impressionistic.  I read one criticism that said the film feels like one long trailer for itself, which I think is a somewhat fair assessment.  The story is complete but feels threadbare, characterization is rather minimal (names are hardly ever spoken, and in fact I’d forgotten them until the credits rolled).  But the movie is a tour de force of mood and atmosphere and lyricism, with its own unique sense of time.  It’s visual poetry.  It had a similar effect on me as the films of Anh Hung Tran, though perhaps slightly less intense.  Linda Manz, who I didn’t care for at all in Out of the Blue, was very good, and even Richard Gere wasn’t that bad (although he looks more like an underwear model than a steelworker or a farmhand).  Adams’s perpetual frown got annoying after a while, but maybe that’s just how her mouth is shaped.  Rating: 9


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