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Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

Posted by martinteller on May 26, 2006

Been playing a lot of XBox lately (“Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones”, if you must know) but it’s time to catch up with movies again.  This is my 11th Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock film, and the worst one yet.  Watson is played as an idiot, but that’s nothing new.  There’s a heavy injection of jingoistic propaganda, but again that can be forgiven somewhat for a British wartime film.  What’s really objectionable is that it doesn’t satisfy as a mystery.  Holmes’s deductions come out of nowhere (even more than usual), which are often explained with reference to a clue that the audience was not privy to.  That’s just unfair.  The few twists are clearly broadcast and there’s almost no tension.  And the attempt to modernize the Holmes universe is, as always, disappointing.  I also got the feeling that the real reason Kitty got killed at the end (sorry, spoiler, but really… who else is going to watch this?) was because of the implication that she slept with the enemy, even though it was in the service in her country.  On the bright side, Rathbone’s performance was especially good in this installment.  Rating: 5


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