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X-Men: The Last Stand

Posted by martinteller on May 28, 2006

Not nearly as horrible as I anticipated.  You could say Brett Ratner is perfect for comic book material, as he seems trapped in permanent adolescence.  Godawful one-liners, well-worn clichés, stomach-churning speeches, an embarrassment of ridiculous superpowers… this is the bread and butter of superhero comics.  And yet in the second film, Bryan Singer managed to bring a level of sophistication that this film fails to rise to.  Still, for every cringe-worthy scene that made me ashamed to be watching it, there were one or two scenes that were genuinely exciting.  One of the most prominent complaints I’ve heard is “too many mutants”.  And while the variety of powers starts to get silly (Duplication Man or whatever his name is was pretty hard to swallow) the main characters get enough face time that it’s not a distraction.  The biggest waste occurs near the end: Ratner sets up a complicated moral dilemma, and for a moment you become really involved in how it’s going to be resolved.  But then it just gets shrugged off.  Overall, I thought it was better than the first movie at least, which is kind of boring.

Unfortunately I forgot to stick around for the credits, so I missed whatever the ending bit was.  Also, I’ve got to say that this experience has made me want to stop going to the theater altogether.  Throughout the movie was the CONSTANT background noise of snacks being unwrapped and people loudly smacking and chomping on them… as if they might die if they stopped stuffing their fat faces for 2 hours.  Rating: 7


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