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Arven (Inheritance)

Posted by martinteller on May 30, 2006

The back of the DVD case describes this as “a taut cinematic portrait of a man who stands by as he watches his own soul destroyed”.  That’s a pretty good description.  Christoffer’s soul is not so much destroyed as it is chiseled away, as he trades bits of his goodness for corporate success and maternal approval.  It’s an excruciatingly depressing story, but one that’s entirely genuine.  It seems trite (and perhaps unfair) to compare other Scandinavian directors to Bergman, but it definitely has a Bergman-esque feel to it.  However, I wouldn’t say Fly is emulating Bergman, not at all.  Just a similar sense of frustration with humanity.  Fly’s cinematic style is more documentarian and reserved.  The actors are all superb as well.  Rating: 8 


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