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The World’s Fastest Indian

Posted by martinteller on July 21, 2006

About as entertaining as you’d expect — nothing special, but decent.  It’s kind of like Crocodile Dundee (guy from Down Under is fish out of water in America) meets The Straight Story (lovable and tenacious old coot charms everyone he meets on a road trip).  The film is at its worst when Munro first arrives in America, which is chock-a-block with all the tired “stranger in a strange land” scenes we’ve seen in other crap movies a thousand times… foreigner gets ripped off, foreigner drives on the wrong side of the road, foreigner mystified by magic fingers bed, foreigner encounters a cross-dresser, foreigner marvels at American extravagance (menus with pictures!).  They seemed to be pushing him as an eccentric, but really he was just sort of slightly clueless.  Predictable and formulaic, but Hopkins makes it watchable.  Rating: 6


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