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Twist of Faith

Posted by martinteller on August 11, 2006

This might make an interesting companion piece to Capturing the Friedmans… both came out around the same time, both deal with childhood sexual abuse, both focus on one particular family, both include subjects who are amazingly open, and both occasionally utilize footage shot by the subjects themselves.  As similar as they are, however, there are two major differences.  Twist of Faith deals heavily with religious issues (as one would expect).  As a staunch atheist, I kept rooting for the Comes family to abandon the Catholic Church, or even religion altogether… I don’t think I’m spoiling too much by telling you that neither happens.  Which is too bad, but otherwise I was pretty impressed with Tony Comes, especially his ability to discuss such delicate and painful events with absolute frankness.  The other major difference is that this film doesn’t have many surprises or revelations, especially not for a viewer who’s already cynical about organized religion.  Although I was interested in the Comes family as likeable people dealing with a difficult issue, I didn’t really learn much from their experience.  Rating: 7


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