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À Nos Amours

Posted by martinteller on September 8, 2006

There’s a “Seinfeld” episode where the guys are all secretly aching to see a movie called Rochelle Rochelle, “a young girl’s strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk”.  They think all the nubile nudity will be exciting, but they end up bored to tears.  A Nos Amours is pretty much that movie.  For most of it, it’s an adolescent peep show constantly being interrupted by discussions about nothing in particular that have no bearing on much of anything.  Or worse, the main character, Suzanne, making some broad and meaningless observation about love.  The director, Maurice Pialat, is compared to Cassavetes, and there is a slight similarity.  Most notably in the scenes with the father (played by Pialat himself) which mostly display a genuine depiction of certain family dynamics.  But other scenes show none of Cassavetes’ understanding of humanity.  Heck, the scenes with the brother almost feel like parodies of Cassavetes, the character is so contemptible as to be laughable.  I actually laughed out loud every time he started smacking Suzanne around, it just seemed so absurd and was so poorly acted.  Unless you’ve got a hankering to see a few flashes of teenage T&A, skip this one.  Rating: 5


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