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The Empire Strikes Back (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on September 21, 2006

One reason why ESB is the best of the series is because it had the coolest toys.  The Hoth battle station, snowspeeders, snowtroopers, taun tauns, AT-AT walkers, the little Cloud City car, Boba Fett (and the Slave 1), IG-88, Lobot, the imperial probe droid… all that stuff was badass.  Even the medical droid was cool.  I have to admit that while watching these older versions, I feel a longing for the improved special effects of the special editions.  Not the added/changed bits of the stories, just the newer effects.  Oh well, maybe some future video format will allow us to build our own “fan edits” quickly and easily.  Rating: 10


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