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Posted by martinteller on October 26, 2006

The DVD case says (besides giving away almost the entire plot): “reproduced from vintage source for the sake of nostalgic appeal, hence possibly compromising on quality”.  In other words, they were too cheap to do a proper restoration or try to find decent elements.  Which is a shame because the camerawork is this film’s best feature.  There are some stunning compositions and usage of lighting (although they go way overboard with the zooms, which are often too shaky anyway).

Other than some nice imagery, there’s not much to see here.  The acting is okay, but on the whole the film is way too overdramatic.  The first two acts drag on and on, weighed down by songs that are completely boring.  The third act is quite a bit more engaging, but ultimately comes off as extremely egotistical, as Guru Dutt positions himself as some kind of Messiah.  If this is the best Dutt has to offer, I think I’ll pass on the rest.  Rating: 5


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