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Lord of War

Posted by martinteller on December 26, 2006

[WARNING: spoilers!] This isn’t a great movie, but it’s exactly what I wanted to watch at the moment.  Something polished and entertaining that doesn’t ask you to think too much.  Oh, there were some bits that made me roll my eyes: the informative, ironic and completely predictable on-screen text just before the ending credits roll, Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” playing over a cocaine scene (there ought to be a law), wholly gratuitous T&A, and the inevitability of Jared Leto’s death (if you didn’t see that coming within the first 15 minutes, you haven’t seen enough movies).  But still, it held my attention, had a few funny lines, presented a more-complex-than-usual worldview and never really irritated me.  Rating: 7 


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