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The Conformist

Posted by martinteller on March 9, 2007

So if you can’t tell, I’ve been going through some of the major canonical works that I’ve missed.  The nice thing about doing this is that you tend to pick up a lot of new favorites.  And holy balls, is this a new favorite.  Through a uniquely edited flashback style it tells the intriguing story of a man trying to fit in.  His zealousness causes him to perform some dastardly deeds, and despite all his efforts, he can’t escape his own difference.  It works on both the character level, and in the bigger picture with a strong (but not heavy-handed) anti-fascist message.  The acting is wonderful (SO much better than 1900), not one complaint in that department.

And while all that is great and would make an excellent film on its own, it’s the photography that rockets this movie into the stratosphere.  Vittorio Storaro does it once again, his cinematography makes this one of the most (if not THE most) visually appealing and engaging films I’ve ever seen.  The camera really helps tell the story through its angles, graceful movements, astonishing compositions, mind-melting color and stunning light and shadow.  It’s an absolute masterpiece of photography, a treasure trove of memorable images… the blowing leaves, the table full of walnuts, the windows blown out in blue, and many more.  Jaw-dropping.  Rating: 10


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