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Pandora’s Box

Posted by martinteller on March 10, 2007

I listened to a great deal of the scholarly commentary track on the DVD, and it was all just different combinations of the words “image”, “agency”, “fetishism” and “commodity”.  Frankly I found it difficult to follow (“Here Lulu is commodifying her image, fetishizing her agency, blah blah blah”) but it sure seemed to mean something to the people on the commentary.  They apparently think it’s very important that Lulu is a consumer — yes, folks, she BUYS AND USES THINGS.  Wow.  Anyway, Louise Brooks is very captivating, and the film is technically excellent.  It’s not terribly enjoyable, though.  I was kind of into it, I guess, but overall I thought it was a movie that was more important for its context than as a cinematic experience.  I guess I’m a bit pickier when it comes to silents.  Rating: 7


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