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The Wild Bunch

Posted by martinteller on March 18, 2007

One of those movies where I can see the greatness of it, but at the same time I just didn’t care.  Peckinpah’s view of the world as a place where the last shreds of human decency are snubbed out by relentless brutality and dishonor isn’t necessarily one I disagree with, just not one I care to inhabit when I watch a movie.  I dunno, there are bleak films that I’ve gotten a lot out of, but here it just didn’t click with me that much.  The action scenes were brilliant, though, really well edited and very influential.  However, my suspension of disbelief always complains when the blood looks like red paint.  It makes the actors look like little boys, playing a game of cops & robbers or cowboys & Indians.  I also thought all the belly-laughing going on came off as very forced, but I admit that’s a minor nitpick.  Overall, I thought it was good enough, but I’d probably never bother watching it again.  Rating: 7


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