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Rocco and His Brothers

Posted by martinteller on April 13, 2007

Constructed competently, even artfully at times (the cutting between the boxing match and the murder was sublime), with an excellent score by Nino Rota and a good performance by Alain Delon in the title role.  Otherwise, I wish I could get those three hours back.  The first half is a lot of treading water, really dull stuff.  Things get a little more interesting after that, but at no point does it ever gel into a truly compelling story.  And I know the Italians are supposedly a hot-blooded people, but fucking hell.  Everyone is constantly in hysterics: shouting, getting upset, bawling their hearts out, spitting in each other’s faces, slapping each other around.  It’s intensely annoying, when it’s not completely laughable.  I wanted to throw the mother out a window.  Rating: 5


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