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Subarnarekha (The Golden Thread)

Posted by martinteller on April 18, 2007

Admittedly, I’m likely to enjoy just about anything with Madhabi Mukherjee in it, but this is truly an outstanding film in its own right.  It deals with the India/Bangladesh division, which seems to be at the center of most of Ghatak’s work, but the story also touches on modern ambition and caste prejudice, as these factors come together to create a rather Shakespearean tragedy.  Again, the use of sound and music is astonishing (I’m starting to realize that avant-garde sound editing is the norm rather than the exception for Ghatak), often blending from one scene to the next, occurring as an audio flashback, or somehow heightened or distorted.  And the songs are quite beautiful, as is the cinematography (and, of course, Madhabi).  Besides some occasional clunky acting, and the Haraprasad character who I found alternately confusing and overbearing, I can’t find anything to complain about.  Rating: 10


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