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The Holy Mountain (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on May 12, 2007

I must say, seeing this with a pristine restoration in the original aspect ratio makes a HUGE difference.  The imagery in this film is absolutely stunning, the things Jodorowsky can do with a decent budget are impressive indeed.  If nothing else, this is a great movie to just soak in the visuals.  But I still have a problem with the content.  Again, he’s just throwing together of bunch of rather obvious juxtapositions and symbols, without having that much to say about any of them.  It definitely comes off like a screenplay a college student would write during a particularly intense acid trip.  The difference being that when the college student sobers up, he looks back at what he wrote and thinks “Oh god, this is retarded.”  It doesn’t help that most of the scenes contain some “shock” element, something perverted or controversial or sacrilegious.  Of course, the 1970’s were a particularly bad time for cinema from naughty little boys trying to push buttons (Waters, Makavejev, Jarman, et cetera).  Still, you don’t often get to see a movie like this, and it deserves points for the awesome visuals, and a pretty cool soundtrack too.  And I liked the ending.  Rating: 7


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