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Duck, You Sucker

Posted by martinteller on July 1, 2007

I didn’t care for the political angle at first, after a while it grew on me, then I got sick of it again.  I think it’s good that Leone takes a cynical view towards revolution, but in the end it slowed things down so much that I just didn’t care anymore.  This is a very slow movie, maybe even worse than Once Upon a Time in the West (which I’m thinking deserves a revisit, but who knows when I’ll get to that).  And the worst part is that it’s not slow because the action is drawn out… it’s slow because there are long stretches where nothing that interesting happens.  Juan and John are more well-rounded, human characters than the archetypes of the “Man With No Name” films, but ironically it makes them less intriguing.  Steiger is truly excellent in his role (although I would have loved to see Eli Wallach instead, as Leone had hoped for), but his character simply isn’t very compelling.  Coburn’s is even less so, and it didn’t help that he kept losing his Irish accent.  The cinematography wasn’t that special either, except for a few really cool shots.  And while Morricone’s score had some wonderfully bizarre stuff in it, one particular recurring theme sounded like a Burt Bacharach piece and was woefully out of place.  I didn’t totally hate the movie — it started out great, but got derailed somewhere along the way and never quite picked up again.  Rating: 6


Funny how I always seem to have a lot more to say when I didn’t like a film.  Anyway, that’s it for a while.  The wife and I are off to Mexico!  How appropriate after watching four Leone westerns.

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