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Army of Shadows

Posted by martinteller on August 18, 2007

I seem to be getting my fill of movies related to the French Resistance lately (I suppose I ought to round it out with The Sorrow and the Pity and Top Secret).  This one is quite exciting at times, although extremely dark.  The acting was superior, even Simone Signoret who I usually don’t care for.  The characters occupy a grey area, emphasized by the grey palettes of the color-drained photography.  In fact, one must take it as a given that these are the “good guys”, since we never get a sense of what they are fighting for.  All they seem to do is hide, get arrested and try to rescue each other.  Of course, the audience knows what the stakes are, and the lack of large-scale heroics and moral grandstanding makes it easier to focus on the Resistance as individuals.  I think this movie was slightly overrated, perhaps due just to sheer enthusiasm for a “new” Melville film being released, but it’s still very good (and much better than Le Silence de la Mer).  Rating: 8


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