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Posted by martinteller on August 19, 2007

Omnibus films are problematic.  You get the feeling that the directors aren’t really trying their hardest.  At least Olmi, Kiarostami and Loach have styles that blend well together, while still maintaining a distinctive stamp (I’m not familiar with Loach’s work, but I could tell which segment was his by process of elimination).  Olmi’s section was my favorite, very reminiscent of his wonderful I Fidanzati with lots of unusual edits and flashbacks, and that “tone poem” feel to it.  It was perhaps the most “nothing happening” part of the film, but the one I connected with the most.  Kiarostami’s was easily recognizable by the way it paid attention to every single moment, no matter how prosaic.  I liked the resolution, but it took way too long to tell such a simple story (as is often the case with Kiarostami).  Loach’s was the most active tale in terms of plot, and although it was a nice message, it seemed rather obvious and over-optimistic.  Overall, it’s a good film for those with patience, but it won’t stick with you for long.  Rating: 7


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