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Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park

Posted by martinteller on September 16, 2007

Nice music, but as a movie it’s not that hot.  I’m glad it was just a freebie with the new DVD for The Graduate.  I’m not a fan of concert movies in general… with a couple of exceptions (Stop Making Sense, Live at Pompeii) they tend to be boring, “you had to be there” experiences.  I like S&G’s music well enough (and I actually saw Simon on the “Graceland” tour), but they’re not really electrifying performers and they bring nothing special to the screen.  I did like that even though Simon’s songs dominate the set list, Garfunkel did get a couple of moments to shine.  “April Come She Will” is haunting, and the one song in the entire set from his solo catalog is very lovely too.  Rating: 6


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