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Pratidwandi (The Adversary)

Posted by martinteller on September 30, 2007

Having now seen all three films in Ray’s “Calcutta trilogy”, I can say that it’s as good as, if not better than, the “Apu trilogy”.  The stories are not connected by common characters, but by similar characters in similar situations: young men trying to find a place for themselves in modern Calcutta.  This one is perhaps the most “European” of Ray’s movies, with a looser narrative, quick little flashbacks and fantasies, and sequences in negative.  And these are the most internationally aware of Ray’s characters — they discuss Vietnam, read Playboy, go to Swedish pornos, study Che Guevara and eat Chinese food (with utensils, even!).  There’s a great little moment where Ray makes fun of hippies, and another where the main character stops to ogle a girl crossing the street and flashes back to an anatomy lecture about breasts.  This movie isn’t as moralistic as Seemabaddha or Jana Aranya, but it does have a striking revolutionary spirit to it.  Will someone PLEASE give this man his due on DVD?  Rating: 10


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