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The Seventh Continent

Posted by martinteller on November 10, 2007

Again (as with Cache and Funny Games), Haneke shows us an average bourgeois family being shaken to its core.  Except this time, it’s self-inflicted.  Naturally, it’s very unsettling, and the tedium of the first hour pays off with the shattering events that follow it.  I appreciate what Haneke is getting at, and his work is certainly powerful, but one thing did bother me.  This is based on a true story, and by Haneke’s own admission, there were real reasons for what happened.  But he shrugs them off as unimportant and it seems to me he uses the story for his own agenda — showing how empty and meaningless a typical middle-class lifestyle is.  Sorry we can’t all be climbing Mt. Everest or writing operas or making Very Important Films, Mr. Haneke.   Some of us still manage to find joy and purpose in our lives nonetheless.  But maybe I’m reading too much into it, and besides, anything that can provoke a reaction is good for the soul.  Rating: 8 


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