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El Norte (rewatch)

Posted by martinteller on November 17, 2007

What a joy to have this, one of my all-time favorites, on DVD at last.  Granted, it’s not a great transfer and there’s no extras at all (it’s also full-frame, but I believe that might be the original aspect ratio) but it still beats a VHS.  If I were watching this for the first time now, I suppose I might be more critical of the film.  I might point out that most of the white actors are pretty lousy (although their roles are exceptionally small) or that the ending is rather heavy-handed.  Because I fell in love with El Norte some 20-odd years ago, I guess I’m more lenient with it.  And those seem like minor complaints anyway.  I can’t find fault anywhere else.  The main performances are wonderful, the music is marvelous, the blend of touching drama with occasional comic moments is dead-on, and the characters are endlessly lovable and relatable.  It’s simply a work of beauty and heartache, that never gets too preachy about its message.  Rating: 10


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