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W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism

Posted by martinteller on November 18, 2007

I watched this with great trepidation.  I absolutely loathed Makavejev’s Sweet Movie, a sophomoric mish-mash of half-baked political allegory and witless shock value.  I was even more wary when I saw that useless hippie Tuli Kupferberg (of The Fugs) was involved — another champion of empty gestures and mindless sloganeering.  So I will say that it wasn’t as bad as I feared.  The button-pushing wasn’t as annoying as Sweet Movie and the stuff about Wilhelm Reich was actually quite interesting.  I would have been pleased if the entire film had just been a documentary about Reich.  Of course, no such luck.  Makavejev again engages in cinema of juxtaposition, that lazy art of throwing a bunch of loosely connected bullshit in a blender.  The parts with Kupferberg were particularly idiotic… ooh, stroking a gun like you’re masturbating with it, how SHOCKING and IN YOUR FACE.  A waste of time, but at least it was only 85 minutes worth.  Rating: 3


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