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Rio Bravo

Posted by martinteller on November 21, 2007

A double-dose of the Duke today.  Much better this time around, though.  More charming, less bravado… although he’s still undoubtedly the alpha male.  It would seem that I can only tolerate him when Howard Hawks is directing him.  Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson make a fine pair of sidekicks, especially Martin as a struggling alcoholic.  And Angie Dickinson bristles with raw sexuality and is a far more complete female character than you see in most Westerns.  I could have done without Walter Brennan, one of the most irritating character actors ever (one of my favorite moments is when Martin tells him to shut up).  The story is very well-plotted, thoroughly engaging and entertaining.  Nice Technicolor and great use of music, including some lovely songs from Martin & Nelson.  And of course, that superb snappy dialogue that Hawks excels at.  Besides Brennan (who, despite being annoying, has a few good moments), the only thing I can complain about is that the final gunfight may be a bit too chummy and light… even so, I didn’t mind it that much, it was fun.  Quite an enjoyable film.  Rating: 9


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