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Sans Soleil

Posted by martinteller on November 21, 2007

More shades of Resnais, specifically Hiroshima Mon Amour with its abundant narration and of course the scenes of Japan.  Also, Last Year at Marienbad with its observations about memory.  And I felt traces of Welles’s F for Fake: a personalized, thoughtful, free-form documentary.  But that’s not to say that Marker is ripping off these films; his work feels wholly original.  Unfortunately, originality doesn’t count for everything, and what starts out as fascinating gradually becomes drop-dead boring.  Some of the bits about Japan were very interesting, but everything collapses under the weight of the voice-over.  I hate to use the word “pretentious”, so I will try to put it a different way… Marker is trying too hard to be “poetic”.  Every line seems like it’s trying to convey incredibly deep ideas, but few of them were thought-provoking.  By the last half hour, I was really struggling to stay focused on it.  Rating: 6


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